Somewhere over the rainbow

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Somewhere over the Rainbow is a song that fits the weather theme of this blog. There has been so many renditions and covers for the song. The song has inspired  and has effected so many people. Somewhere over the Rainbow is about goodbyes and new beginnings and that is what this final blog post is about. Yes I said final blog post.

It truly has been fun and entertaining for me to write Mother Nature is the Boss. I have learned so much about the weather and looking at other weather related blogs that other bloggers have wrote has really inspired me.

I am going to end this blog by saying that weather truly does effect so many people in so many ways either good or bad. But always remember that there is nothing that you or anyone can do about the weather because MOTHER NATURE IS THE BOSS.


The sun is out

The sun is probably the most loved star out there. So let’s go and explore the sun even further.

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Climate Change effecting Massachusetts

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I know I have talked about climate a lot but it is huge issue effecting so many people including Massachusetts. In my opinion, Massachusetts has many extreme weather events. Including many huge blizzards and tornadoes that hit parts of Eastern Massachusetts like Revere.

There is no way of knowing for sure, that all these crazy weather events are due to climate change. But one of the main reasons scientist know climate change is happening is because of all the wacky events happening.

One thing is for sure, though that the temperatures are not warming up drastically in Massachusetts. Most people may think of changing of temperatures but that is not always the case. That is why scientist changed Global Warming to Climate Change. Here in Massachusetts. We had some of the coldest winters and not so hot summers.

Climate change is happening and it is a huge issue for places like Massachusetts. The gradual warming of places like the arctic are extincting many animals and plants that people in Massachusetts need. Don’t be scared of climate change Massachusetts, just beware of it.

Snow or No Snow


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Winter is coming, there is no denying this! Many people will not be too happy but others enjoy snow once and a while. This brings up an interesting question; will it be a snow filled winter or a dry one?

Only time will tell. This is an important question because snow can cause a lot of problems. Personally I enjoy snow as much as anyone else but I don’t like driving my car through a blizzard, and I think most people would agree.

So I believe its safe to say winter is considered a more fun idea to younger kids than adults. Lets remember the blizzard of 78′ for example when people were literally forced to abandon their cars as they came back from work.

The blizzard caused 520 million dollars in damage which is equivalent to 1.8 billion dollars today. It makes you think twice about if you like snow or not!

So…will it be a snow filled winter or a dry one?! Comment below and tell me what you think? Do you enjoy living in an area where it snows a lot? …Or maybe you escape the winter by living somewhere warmer!

Is the climate really changing…it all depends

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Climate change is a controversial topic and is getting very political as well. In the Study: Farmers and scientists divided over climate change blog it states that farmers do not believe climate change is happening where scientist disagrees with that statement.

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