Climate Change effecting Massachusetts

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I know I have talked about climate a lot but it is huge issue effecting so many people including Massachusetts. In my opinion, Massachusetts has many extreme weather events. Including many huge blizzards and tornadoes that hit parts of Eastern Massachusetts like Revere.

There is no way of knowing for sure, that all these crazy weather events are due to climate change. But one of the main reasons scientist know climate change is happening is because of all the wacky events happening.

One thing is for sure, though that the temperatures are not warming up drastically in Massachusetts. Most people may think of changing of temperatures but that is not always the case. That is why scientist changed Global Warming to Climate Change. Here in Massachusetts. We had some of the coldest winters and not so hot summers.

Climate change is happening and it is a huge issue for places like Massachusetts. The gradual warming of places like the arctic are extincting many animals and plants that people in Massachusetts need. Don’t be scared of climate change Massachusetts, just beware of it.


Weather gadgets

Advanced Technology. That is a statement used so much right now. We live in a day with more advanced technology. Weather stations are stationed throughout the country gathering weather data like what the current temperature is and how much precipitation has fallen. There are many gadgets meteorologist use to help forecast and receive weather information.

One of those gadgets are thermometers that tell what the temperature is outside. You might say how have thermometers became so advanced since they have been used for years? Well Thermometers have become more advanced within the last couple years. Many now are digital.

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Let it rain! There are many simple rain gauges that meteorologist use and home owners use but even rain gauges have become more advanced. The Weather Channel has come up with the a wireless rain gauge, The Wireless Rain Center With Self-Emptying Rain Bucket.

All in one. Now there is an all in one gadget that tells you pretty much everything you want to know about the weather. It is called The La Crosse Technology. This is an all in one weather tool that tell you the temperature, barometric pressure, the moon phases, and so much more.

Becoming Green. Technology advances leads to new options to become more green and helping the environment. There are hybrid cars that run on vegetable oil now. Many buildings and houses now run on solar energy with the use of . We can all thank the advancements of technology for helping people like you and me become more green. Has the advancements in technology helped you become more green?

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Is the climate really changing…it all depends

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Climate change is a controversial topic and is getting very political as well. In the Study: Farmers and scientists divided over climate change blog it states that farmers do not believe climate change is happening where scientist disagrees with that statement.

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The Climate is changing

In what ways is climate change effecting the United States? Climate change is impacting the United States already. One of the factors is what most people think of when they think of climate change, which is the  temperatures are getting hotter for long period of times.  There have been more heat waves all across the United States in the last decade or so than ever before. The winters are getting shorter and warmer as well. That being said, that still does not mean that winters are not cold. In my opinion I feel that the last couple of winters have been brutally cold and snowy here in Massachusetts. Plus regarding the amount of 90 degree days for the summer of 2014 there were very few compared to  previous years.  It is hard for me to believe that climate change is going on right now.

A fact that many people do not know about the affects of climate change, is that many places in the United States are having some of the worst floods in the last couple of years especially in the North. This is making rising seas levels a huge risk now.  On the contrary, many places in the South West are having the worst droughts in centuries. If only mother nature could switch the weather for those areas to help dry out the flood prone areas and help saturate the grounds for the drought areas.  That leads to a question that I have, if climate change is impacting the weather more in one place than another?