The sun is out

The sun is probably the most loved star out there. So let’s go and explore the sun even further.

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The sun is loved by so many people and will be taken over rain or snow any day. The sun is the largest object in the solar system containing 99.8% of the total mass in the solar system. The sun is 70% hydrogen, 28% helium and 2% of other metals.

As you all may know, the sun is really hot. But how hot? The sun is said to be 27 million degrees or 15 million kelvin. The 27 million degrees is in the core of the sun. The core is the suns source of energy.

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The sun is the center of the solar system which is a combination of one billion stars. It is amazing to think that the sun is a big ball of fire looking down at people like you and me in the sky keeping us warm.

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The sun is divided into three regions. The photosphere is the first layer and is the visible surface of the sun. The chromosphere and the corona, outer layer of the sun, are the other layers. They produce visible light but only during a solar eclipse.

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Space and solar system always amazes me to think that there is so much more out there than what is on earth.


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