Is the climate really changing…it all depends

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Climate change is a controversial topic and is getting very political as well. In the Study: Farmers and scientists divided over climate change blog it states that farmers do not believe climate change is happening where scientist disagrees with that statement.

I believe that climate change has become a very controversial issue now. Just like the farmers that took the Purdue and Iowa State University survey, some people are not going to believe climate change is happening where as most scientist are going to say it is. I think it all depends on who you ask.

The blog goes on saying that there is pros and cons for climate change regarding the United States agriculture. I do believe in this statement but there will be more cons than pros. I feel climate change is going to mess the crop season up especially in places up North. Also many animals are going to become extinct which in return will effects other agriculture and animals. It is going to be like the domino effect. When one species or plant dies than another will.

The blogs ending says that farmers are looking more in the short-term and not in the long-term. This is true for most people regarding anything in life. Going from that statement, I will say us human beings should be acting now and try to prevent climate change from impacting the world drastically.


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