Ladybug invasion

Walking around my campus now I have come across many lady bugs. This is a weather blog and you might be confused why I am talking about ladybugs but seeing ladybugs this time of the year is very unusual.

There has been an abundance of ladybugs all across the country. The time of year I see ladybugs is usually in the springtime and early summertime so it was weird for me to see ladybugs in the late fall season. After doing some research I have found that ladybugs are just looking for a warm place to hibernate during the winter months.

Ladybugs find the smallest cracks in a building or a house and stay there for the winter and many people might not notice it until an abundance of ladybugs come into a building or a house.  But one thing to remember is that ladybugs are harmless towards humans. They do not carry any sort of diseases and they do not do any damage towards buildings. So if you see ladybug inside, most likely it was just finding a warm place to hybernate during the winter season and do not worry ladybugs is one of the least harmful beetle.


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