A nation coming together

Embed from Getty Images

There are many weather disasters that happen including hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and snowstorms. These disasters can cause devastating damage to neighborhoods.  When a disaster hits people from all over the world come together and help each other out. One of the most devastating disasters happened a couple of years ago when the 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti in 2010. After the Earthquake hit, the world came together and did everything in their power to help all those effective by the disaster.

Here in the United States many people donated money and supplies to help out the people of Haiti. There was a televised event where many huge celebrities sang songs or  told people to help out and give little money they may have. The people in Haiti also came together to help out each other and was strong throughout the process of rebuilding.

The whole world came together to help out the country. There was over 7.5 billion dollars of aid and 486 million dollars donated by the red cross. Every dollar added up and helped the people of Haiti rebuild their country into what it is now. Whatever a disaster hits weather related or not, people come together and do whatever they can to help out.


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