so winter has begun

Embed from Getty Images

Many of you might have been jumping with joy because the first snowfall of the season hit for many places across the United States today. Here in Massachusetts, many places including Boston saw the snow falling yesterday morning during a nasty northeaster hit parts of New England. The snow means that the holiday season is right around the corner and that is getting me in an awesome mood.

As many of you might be jumping with joy with the first snowfall happening others might be tremendously sad that winter is right around the corner. Winter means colder temperatures, shorter days, and shoveling the driveway. One of the coldest spots in the United States is Mount Washington which is 6,288 feet up in elevation. Mount Washington is also one of the first spots to see the first snowfall in the United States.

So take out jacket and scarfs soon because winter is coming and hopefully will not be as brutal as the last couple winters. But who knows what mother nature has in store for the Northern Hemisphere.


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