A look back on summer

As we embark in the middle of October it makes me realize that winter is around the corner but instead of dwelling on  last years Polar Vortex lets take a look back on my favorite season summer.


Weather wise some people may think that this summer was cooler than usual  through out the whole country which I would agree with. In fact NASA would disagree with that statement saying, this August was the warmest August worldwide on record.  As summer as a whole I think we faired pretty well in the North East. I remember each weekend here in Massachusetts being sunny and highs in the 80s which is perfect beach and boating weather.

One of the major weather events this summer is the rare tornados and microbursts that hit the North East. An EF2 tornado touched down in Revere MA damaging building and whipping winds over 100mph. It is a rare occurrence for any tornado to touch down in Revere MA but a tornado of that magnitude forming early in the morning is unheard of. A microburst just recently hit East Hampton MA causing a lot of damage but thankfully no injuries or deaths for both events.

Last Fourth of July was a wet one for many in the New England and the Outer Banks of North Carolina area because of Hurricane Author. The system dumped heavy amounts of rain causing flooding for many areas. The storm surge was up to four to five feet in the Outer Banks. Many people had to think of an alternative plan for all the BBQs happening. The Boston fireworks, “The Boston Pops”, was pushed back at date to July 3rd due to the Hurricane.

Another interesting aspect this summer was that in New England the dew points were in the 50s and 60s which in turn made the humidity was very low. Most days were relatively dry and refreshing not sticky and oppressive. I am into the hot and sticky weather so for me I was not the biggest fan of the summer being so dry but many people were big fans of this summer’s weather. Weather wise, did you enjoy this summer?


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