The advance in technology



How has the weather forecast changed within the last decade?

The world revolves around the weather and it impacts everyones life in some shape or form. As Mike Hammer from the World Science Festival writes, within the last couple of decades forecasting has become more precise and accurate. There are more weather satellites including the Geostationary satellites, which circles the Earth east to west. NOAA writes that the Polar Orbiters is another satellite  that moves north to south and flies at lower altitude making forecasting more accurate.


Forecasting has improved within the years but one thing is for sure, that forecasting long term will be less accurate then short term forecasting. Never look at the end of a seven or ten day forecast because most likely what is reported will not happen on that day since predicting the weather so far in advance is harder then short term.


As technology has grown and advanced in the last decade for forecasting so has the way viewers to get the weather forecast. Just a couple of decades ago there were only a couple ways that a person could get there weather forecast and that is by the local news on the television, radio, and newspaper. Melissa Hilton from Weather Underground stated, that reading the newspaper was an easy way for many to see the forecast back then and still for some now. Some people used The Old Farmers Almanac to see the predictions of the weather within a couple months.


Now with smartphones and the internet being so popular, that is the way most people get there weather forecast. In fact Steven Tweedie from Business Insider says, The Weather Channel app is in fact one of the most popular app that is downloaded. The National Weather Service article writes, that the new technology is giving people more warning if there is severe weather in the area with an alert sent right to there smart phone. The technology within the last decade has advanced to make getting the weather forecast easier and makes the weather forecast more accurate. How will getting the weather forecast change in the next decade?




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