Lets begin and Explore all Aspects of Weather

Whats up everyone my name is Joe and welcome to my weather blog, Mother Nature is the Boss. There are a lot of weather blogs out there in the internet world but they tend to be dull and boring. My blog on the other hand will be fun, interesting, and informative. I am doing this weather blog because ever since I was a little kid, I have been fascinated by weather. I loved when a thunderstorm rumbled around my house and when there was a huge snow storm and school was cancelled. Ever since the third grade, The Weather Channel has been on all the time in my house and I loved watching hurricane coverage on the TV. Lastly, I am making this blog because weather controls all of our lives in so many ways including; deciding what to wear each day and whether or not to move the outdoor BBQ indoors because it is forecasted to rain.

I am really looking forward to sharing all the interesting and fun facts, pictures, and videos that I find on weather publicly to you guys. My dream job is to become a meteorologist and it will be so cool to connect with other meteorologists from around the country and that they could actually see the post I make.  Lets begin and  explore all aspects of weather together.


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